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YATI Film Club
Saturday 10am - 1pm

FILM CLUB is for anyone interested in exploring the film making process and getting in-depth experience on a weekly basis.

The group is made up of a max. of 15 entry-level film makers who have the interest and focus to develop their skills in producing their own films and content. Anything from 20 second clips, sharing techniques and tricks, writing, filming and editing. We mainly use smart phones, but there is no reason why anyone with any other personal equipment that they can’t use it. There are also opportunities, where relevant , that members of the film club will be able to work with higher level kit


The club works on any number of small film projects at the same time. They meet once per week – and have a small training session on learning the ‘planning and project management’ side of the process. You will be encouraged to make films using mobile phones, edit using simple editing software and get it entered into film festival circuit, shown in our very own YATI cinema or published online.


We strongly advise that participants invest in a smart phone tripod, and smart phone tripod adapter for getting the most out of the sessions.


Film Club is free to attend.

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