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Musical Theatre

We have sessions every week for 6-8yrs, 9-11yrs, 11-17yrs and adults focusing purely on musical theatre.  The class offers existing and new members the chance to learn all the skills of this popular art-form.

This means that complete song and dance routines can be learned and perfected across the term. There will be a showing at the end of term for all Musical Theatre classes.

Pre-Juniors (4-6yrs) - 1 hour classes

Thursday: 3.45pm - YATI Studio Two

Juniors (6-11yrs) - 1.5 hour classes

Tuesday: 4.30pm - Church on the Corner

Tuesday: 6.15pm - YATI Studio Two

Wednesday: 6.15pm - YATI Studio Two

Friday: 6.30pm - YATI Studio Two

Seniors (11-17yrs) - 1.5 hour classes

Friday: 6.30pm - YATI Theatre

Friday:: 6.30pm - YATI Studio Two

Saturday: 4.45pm - YATI Studio Two

Adults (18+) - 2 hour classes

Tuesday: 7.45pm - YATI Studio Two

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