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Acting classes are the main activity at Young Actors Theatre that run on weekday evenings and all day at weekends. Some of our classes are held next door to our main building at “Church on the Corner” and at both Hargrave Hall and Girdlestone Hall in Archway. We also have remote/online classes open to anyone; classes are in English and at GMT times.

Our classes are for learning performance skills, having fun, improving confidence and communication, nurturing creativity and talent and making new friends.

Members that attend regular classes might be invited to join our agency and the professional classes, but please note class attendance in no way guarantees professional representation.

You can also book 1-1 LAMDA classes/exams here.

Please note Performance classes have their own dedicated page.

Pre-Juniors (4-6yrs) - 1 hour classes

Monday: 3.45pm - YATI Theatre 

Thursday: 4.45pm - Church on the Corner 

Friday: 3.45pm - YATI Theatre 

Juniors (6-11yrs) - 1.5 hour classes

Monday: 4.45pm - YATI Studio Two 

Tuesday: 4.45pm - YATI Theatre 

Tuesday: 4.45pm - YATI Studio Two 

Tuesday: 4.45pm - Archway, Hargrave Hall 

Wednesday: 4.30pm - YATI Studio Two 

Thursday: 4.45pm - YATI Theatre 

Thursday: 6.15pm - YATI Studio Two  

Friday: 4.45pm - YATI Theatre (PROFESSIONALS)

Saturday: 10.30am - YATI Theatre 

Saturday: 10.30am - YATI Studio Two 

Saturday 12 noon - YATI Theatre

Saturday 12 noon - Church on the Corner

Sunday: 10.30am - YATI Theatre 

Sunday: 12 noon - YATI Theatre 

Seniors (11-17yrs) - 1.5 hour classes

Monday: 4.45pm - Archway, Hargrave Hall 

Monday: 6.15pm - YATI Studio Two 

Monday: 6.15pm - Green Room (Scene-stealing: how to sightread)

Tuesday: 6.15pm - YATI Theatre (ADVANCED)

Tuesday: 6.15pm - YATI Studio Two (Acting for Screen)

Tuesday: 6.15pm - Archway, Hargrave Hall

Wednesday: 4.30pm - Church on the Corner 

Wednesday: 4.45pm - YATI Theatre

Wednesday: 6.15pm - YATI Theatre

Thursday: 4.45pm - YATI Studio 2

Friday: 4.45pm - Church on the Corner 

Saturday: 1.30pm - YATI Theatre 

Saturday: 3pm - Church on the Corner

Saturday: 3pm - YATI Theatre (PROFESSIONALS)

Saturday: 4.30pm - YATI Theatre

Sunday: 1.30pm - YATI Theatre 

Sunday: 3pm - YATI Theatre 

Adults (18+) - 2 hour classes

Monday: 1.30pm - YATI Studio 2 (age 60+, 90 mins)

Monday: 7.45pm - YATI Green Room (Scene-Stealing: how to sightread)

Wednesday: 7.45pm - YATI Studio Two (PROFESSIONALS)

Wednesday: 7.45pm - YATI Theatre (Adler Technique)

Thursday: 7.45pm - YATI Theatre

Thursday: 7.45pm - YATI Studio Two (Acting for Screen)

Sunday: 4.30pm - YATI Theatre

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